Monmouth County Surrogate

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Genealogy Information

General Index:1798-1991 (Russell Index)
Mid 1991-Present (Computerized Directory)

General Index Includes...
  • Accountings: 1882-Present
  • Administrations: 1882-Present
  • Adoptions: 1840-1940 files open 1940-Present files sealed
  • Application for Probate: 1798-Present
  • Assignees Bonds: 1893-Present
  • Caveats: 1817-Present
  • Partition: 1817-Present
  • Dockets: 1798-Present
  • Guardianships: 1798-Present
  • Inventories: 1705-Present
  • Widows Dissent/Disclaimers: 1912-Present
  • Wills: 1798-Present


**Please Note: Beginning Dates are all Estimations**

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