Christ Church

380 Sycamore Avenue
Shrewsbury, N.J.

Serving an Episcopal congregation founded in 1702. The 1769 Christ Church building, designed by colonial architect Robert Smith, stands at the corner of Broad Street (Route 35) and Sycamore Avenue. A clock tower with bell was added in 1874.

The church was used as a barracks during the Revolutionary War, resulting in in a bullet hole in the steeple gilt ball and a musket ball embedded in the original pulpit. Many settlers of Monmouth County are buried in the graveyard surrounding the church whose earliest grave marker is dated 1719.

Inside are a number of objects of historical interest. These include a 1716 “Vinegar” bible famed for the misprints it contains, a Bishop’s chair carved from a church yard oak by the parish clerk, the communion service given to the church by Queen Anne in 1708, and the Parish’s royal charter granted in 1738.

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